Business tools I can’t live without

Running a photography business can be overwhelming at times, but there are tools I use every day to keep myself organized and on top of things.

Most importantly, the three I’m going to share with you really help improve my overall client experience.

Here are my top 3 business tools:

  1. We literally use this for everything. It helps us not only automate our systems, but it’s also how I communicate with each of my team members. Not to mention, it’s the way we keep track of our workflow, so we can always see where a gallery is in the editing and delivery process. There’s no way I could scale and run my business without this tool. Explore the site.
  2. Flodesk: It’s easy to use and very aesthetically pleasing. Not interested in sales funnels and drip campaigns? Just collect your client’s email addresses and use Flodesk to email them when you have mini sessions scheduled or open up your calendar for the next season. Get 50% off your subscription.
  3. Pixieset: I’ve been using this site for years, and I appreciate that they keep adding features and tools. It’s a great way to wow clients with the final galleries — no matter whether they’re viewing on desktop or mobile. Plus, the site makes it easy to sell prints and other products. Here’s my referral link.

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