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The Freebies


Number 01

Top 3 Phone Editing Tips

You’re only a few clicks away from better phone photos.

Number 02

My equipment rundown

A full list of the equipment I use during my sessions

Number 03

Timeline for Family Photos

Plan the best family photo experience possible with this printable worksheet

Hey mama!

feeling stuck

You want better photos of your family but don’t have time to take up a new hobby? I get it.

Don't worry. Use our presets and guides to get started.

I used to spend so much time editing photos in Instagram, but the presets I’ve used thus far are next level.

Jill Dunlap

For Photographers

Want to learn more about photography and business?

Want to learn more about photography and business?

1:1 Mentoring

I’ll work with you to curate a mentoring experience that meets you where you are and elevates you to the next level. There’s so much I wish I had known from the start, and I share it all in these laid-back mentoring. Virtual and in-person mentoring available.

in-person and Virtual


I also offer small group workshops throughout the year. These range from beginner to advanced shooting and editing. These are hosted both in-person and virtually.

I am still very much a beginner when it comes to editing but even just the few things I have learned from your workshop have made such a difference!
Eleni Tarasidis

Here are some places to start.

For Our Clients

Step 01

Wardrobe Color Guide

Need help pulling together wardrobe for your session? Here are some tips on how to choose the best colors.

Step 02

jammie’s shape guide

Pro stylist Jammie Baker shows you how to measure your body and choose clothing that works for you.

Step 03

Timeline for getting ready

Use this printable worksheet to plan out your next family photo session.

Step 04

Mom Posing Guide

This guide gives you tips on the most flattering poses and reminders for when you step in front of the camera.

Top 5 posing tips for moms 

This guide walks you through my top five posing reminders for family photos.

free guide

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