What to Wear? Top 5 Family Photo Wardrobe Tips

Choosing the right outfit combination doesn’t have to be hard. Here are my top tips for dressing for your session.

The best family session color palettes

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Some colors look better than others in photos. Here’s my guide with exact color palettes for your next set of family photos.

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MEET Lindsey

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I’m Lindsey Martin

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While I’m a family girl first, photography is a close second. I’ve spent the past 10 years raising three kiddos and trying to figure out a way to freeze time with my camera.

I’m fueled by tiny hugs and Diet DP, and there’s no way I could leave the house without my camera phone. I’ve seen many photography trends come and go, which is why I’m determined to create an experience that will stand the test of time.


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Mobile Presets

Ready to take your phone photos to the next level?

Get the guide to better phone photos

One-click mobile presets are the easiest way to give your phone photos that professional pop, but you can also learn more about lighting, composition and editing tricks in the free Guide to Better Phone Photos that comes with your purchase of the Signature Preset Collection. It’s 10 pages of tips that will give you a new perspective on phone photography.

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