Baby registry must-haves

It’s crazy how much things have changed since I had my first son nine years ago. I walk into the beautiful nurseries of my clients now and constantly have to ask “what’s this?” or “how do you use that?”

You guys are the best resources for all of the baby essentials. With your help, here are seven things (in no particular order) that expectant parents may want to check out as they prepare for the arrival of their baby:

  1. Baby Shusher — OK, maybe there is a particular order. This thing is GOLDEN. I use it in my studio, and it works wonders. I highly recommend it.
  2. Ergo baby carrier — You can go with this brand or another, but for busy moms, a way to “wear” your baby is a necessity
  3. Lily Jade diaper bag — I own the Caroline, but there are SO many beautiful choices on this site. One of the reasons I love it so much? You can use it well after your baby is potty trained (see below).
  4. Magnetic sleepers — You guys, these things are MAGIC when it comes to undressing a sleepy baby in the studio. I highly recommend them.
  5. Latched Mama clothing — I have to include this one because not only do I shoot for this company, which is local to Richmond, VA, but I get to see the quality of its nursing products on a regular basis.
  6. My Brest Friend pillows — I just had simple boppy pillows for my kiddos, but this product kept coming up when I asked for client input.
  7. SwaddleMe swaddles — Heat and pressure. Those are the two things I’ve found I can always count on for making a baby happy in the studio. That’s where these awesome swaddles come in. 

Some of my other favorite suggestions: snacks on-hand for breastfeeding munchies, a dimmable lightbulb for late-night feedings and Netflix (or your entertainment service of choice).

There’s so much to think about as you prepare for your sweet bundle of joy. I hope this helps gives you some ideas of things to add to your baby list. 🙂

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