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Are you ready to take your photos from frumpy to frameworthy? Let me help.

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Level 1: If you're ready to just load the presets & go.


Level 2: If you're ready to load presets AND learn the best ways to preserve family memories.


Level 3: If you're motivated to learn and curate the very best family photos on the block.

$299.95 annually* 

*limited spots available

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what people are saying

“I used to spend so much time editing photos in Instagram but the presets I’ve used thus far are next level”

Jill d.

“I absolutely love your presets. They are so easy to use too- just one click brightens my images!”

Megan A.

“They’re an easy way to transform everyday photos into professional looking keepsakes.”

Taylor s.



Yes — presets are for every single mom who has a family to document and a camera phone. No photography experience necessary. Want to learn more about taking better phone photos? Join the Click & Grow group to have access to presets and education.

We’re happy to resend the link to download your presets if you lose or upgrade your phone.
Absolutely. That’s the beauty of buying from a small business. I’m here if you have any questions at all.
Yes. They can be installed and used on the desktop version of Lightroom. They are intended for use with jpg images.

Want to see one of your phone images edited with the presets?

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